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The Baltimore Regional Incident Management Team (BRIMT) was organized in 2005 as part of the regional and national response to the attacks of 9-11, Katrina and other large scale threats. The team has over 100 members and is organized under standards developed by the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and is classified as a Type III All Hazards Incident Management Team. Members represent several disciplines from the jurisdictions in the Baltimore Region and although most members are from fire service, the team is always looking to expand to include Health, Law Enforcement and Emergency Management personnel. Funding for the team comes from UASI Grants through the Baltimore Metro Council.

The BRIMT is available to assist jurisdictions in and outside the Baltimore Region. It offers a team of trained, professional members who can assist with evaluation of an ongoing situation and developing Operational Plans for management of an incident or event during current and future operational periods. These functions are provided utilizing the NIMS ICS process which requires developing a command structure capable of managing the situation as well as developing and maintaining accurate situation and resource status, tracking changes and documentation of financial aspects of the incident. Team members are trained in positions in the Command and General Staff, Section Chief, Unit Leader, Branch Director and Division/Group Supervisors listed in the NIMS program. Members are certified based on training, experience at the position and completion of a Position Task Book. They receive their final certification upon completion of their Position Task Book through the MD Emergency Management Agency. 

Team members participate with approval by agency leaders in each jurisdiction and the team operates ONLY with the approval of the Agency Having Jurisdiction when deployed. The team must be officially requested prior to being deployed.




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